Flash floods are defined as short-fused floods occurring within hours of the causative event. Probability of detection and increasing lead time warning and also reducing false alarm rate is realizable through incorporation of high-resolution radar images, ground-based gauges, satellite images as well as geographical information system (GIS).

High-Resolution (Localized) Flood Forecasting & Warning System

As demands for hydrologic services evolve and rapidly grow more complex, the stakes of meeting those demands (whether expressed in terms public safety, or pesos, or environmental and ecosystem protection) continue to escalate. Useful descriptions and hydrologic predictions rely on:

  1. science and technology,
  2. the ability to communicate the information to those who need it, and
  3. the timing and relevance of the information to the end users.

For this reason, EAST Corporation, as a provider of hydrologic services most often emphasize accurate hydrologic predictions for flooding scenarios, notably known as hydrological cutting-edge technology, in terms of the following:

  1. Field implementation and Instrumentation
  2. Science & Technology Infusion
  3. New Products & Information
  4. Expanded Delivery & Accessibility
  5. Establishing New Partnerships, Outreach, Training & Service Evaluation.