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Forecaster Workstation

Visualization allows scientists to see scientific data in a graphical manner. As an agency at the forefront of science in the Philippines, PAGASA collects and generates gigabytes of data on a daily basis. These data are then used to forecast weather conditions in the Philippines. With our partners from IBL Software Engineering in Europe, we have deployed Forecasters Workstations for PAGASA that enables them to visualize the data coming in from different sources and instruments, such as synoptic stations, automatic weather stations, rain gauges, river telemetry, satellite feeds, doppler radar data, marine buoys, models, upper air measurements, sounding balloons and METAR/TAF, significant weather reports, including reports from other weather agencies.

The Visual Weather system is capable of ingesting a host of file formats specified by standards from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), custom-CSV files and many other common formats used in earth observations.

IBL-Visual-Weather Surface Forecast    IBL-Visual-Weather Rainfall Forecast
IBL-Visual-Weather SkewT       IBL-Visual-Weather Upper Air Observations
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