EastAsia Solutions Technologies Corporation is managed and operated by the pioneers in the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Control and Reduction, thereby setting the standards in the water solutions technology in the country today.

EastAsia Solutions Technologies Corporation equipments are sourced out from different continents, such as Europe, U.S.A, Asia and Australasia, ensuring that the company always provides advanced-technology equipment and superior services in the water leak detection and flow metering and pressure management sector of the water industry.

EastAsia Solutions Technologies Corporation line of business is not limited to water leak detection, flow metering and pressure management. Utilizing state-of-the-art communication facilities and computerized data acquisition and management (DMA) applications, the company supervises water flow and pressure, leak detection and repair, pressure management, DMA formation, SCADA System, Meteorological instruments and using Vsat, Wi-Fi, Wimax, Radar and Microwave communications and other such water related services.

Our company also specializes in the design, supply and servicing of ICT systems and equipment. EastAsia has made partnerships with major manufacturers to increase its capability in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

To complement the company state-of-the-art equipment are human resources with years of experience in the water industry. The staff is not only highly-trained but highly motivated as well, providing the most comprehensive equipment sales and after-sales support program covering equipment training, maintenance and repair.

Being a NTC licensed Dealer for telecommunications equipment we can provide assistance in obtaining licenses and permits for our clients. We also provide training and seminars for radio operators licensing on a scheduled basis.

EastAsia Solutions Technologies Corporation strength lies in the fact that it has complete knowledge and is an expert in the water resources industry, the staff and technical support group are competent and underwent comprehensive equipment training to provide its clients out-standing service

In these times, value of money is very important. EastAsia Technologies assures clients that its equipment, personnel and service are the most cost-effective solution to its operational troubles. Rest assured, our company EastAsia Technologies will be your partner providing you information on new products, technologies and updated industry practices.